The Central Regional Peace Council ( CRPC ) under the National Peace Council of Ghana has held its first 2023 consultative meeting at the Central Regional Co-ordinating Council (CRCC ) conference room.

This year’s consultative meeting was to look at how best the council would drive home its plan of activities for the year 2023.

In a remark by the Regional Minister, Hon. Mrs. Justina Marigold Assan, she expressed her
gratitude to be part of the meeting and the CRCC.

Mrs. Assan assured of the Regional Co-ordinating Council’s collaboration with the council and relevant stakeholders to further strengthen the capacity of Government to provide the much needed peace for the proper functioning of democracy and create an atmosphere for meaningful development of the Country.

She touched on the essence of people living in peace and harmony which brings growth and prosperity in society.

“ If we do not have peace and harmony, economic stability and cultural growth will be impossible”, Mrs. Assan noted.

The Regional Minster however, entreated council members to their deliberations to intensify efforts to avoid disputes, especially those relating to land, Chieftaincy and politics which have the potential of degenerating into conflicts.

According to her, all the relevant stakeholders should come together to ensure that peace prevailed in the Region to attract the much needed investments to create employment for the youth.

The National Executive Secretary Mr. George Amoh said that the council have identify key issues confronting the Country and the one discussed was Chieftaincy disputes.

Mr. Amoh touched on the President, His Excellency Nana Akufo-Addo’s major concern on the issue of Chieftaincy as one of the most troubling issues confronting the democracy of the Country.

“ There is no community where Chieftaincy is not an issue and sometimes it is a key boarder to us”, the Executive Secretary added.

A section of brainstorming among council members to solve Chieftaincy disputes within the Central Region and also look at possible ways of getting room for kids to learn and sustain peace was brought to the fore.

The Regional Director for Dept. of Gender, Mrs. Richlove Amamoo was also sworn in as a member of the second Central Regional Peace Council.

Some past members of the First Council were presented with Citations for their distinguished roles played in the Region.