Under the azure sky of Ghana’s 67th Independence anniversary, citizens from all walks of life gathered at a historic event in celebration of the nation’s journey towards freedom and prosperity.

The commemoration was held in Cape Coast, the capital town of the Central Region, resonated with pride, gratitude, and a call for collective action towards national development.

Addressing the enthusiastic crowd, the Central Regional Minister, Hon. Justina Marigold Assan expressed admiration for the impressive turnout of security services, school cadets, students, and the public.

She lauded the richness and beauty of Ghana, attributing the nation’s blessings to the divine and paying homage to the gallant forefathers who spearheaded the fight for independence, led by Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah.

Reflecting on Ghana’s pivotal role as the first nation south of the Sahara to achieve political independence, the Regional Minister emphasized its influence as a beacon of hope for other African countries struggling against colonialism and apartheid.

She noted that despite enduring periods of authoritarian rule and military interventions, Ghana’s journey towards democracy since late 2008 has been marked by significant progress, garnering international acclaim.

Under the theme “Our Democracy, Our Pride,” Ghanaians celebrated the strides made in upholding democratic principles, governance, and human rights”,she added.

Hon. Assan highlighted the importance of fostering dialogue, promoting tolerance, and embracing diversity as catalysts for societal enrichment and cohesion.

Acknowledging the contributions of the NPP Government under His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, the Minister outlined strategic policies and programs aimed at enhancing various sectors including health, education, agriculture, and technology.

“The Central Region, in particular, has witnessed remarkable development initiatives, encompassing infrastructure, education, healthcare, tourism, agriculture, and sports, benefiting diverse segments of society”, the Regional Minister observed.

Hon. Assan urged vigilance against divisive tendencies that threaten peace and democracy as election approaches, citing cautionary examples from neighboring countries.

She emphasized the need for collective efforts in curbing corruption, alleviating poverty, generating employment opportunities, empowering women, and safeguarding the environment.

The Regional Minister ended, stressing the need to extend warm wishes for a joyous 67th Independence Day celebration, underscoring the importance of unity, progress, and the preservation of Ghana’s hard-earned peace and democracy.