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The Central Region Coordinating Council (CRCC) in collaboration with Central
Region Development Corporation (CEDECOM) invites the general public to the most anticipated exciting and eventful regional TRADE, TOURISM AND INVESTMENT FAIR dubbed “CENTRAL EXPO 2022” which takes place at Adisadel College Park, Cape Coast from Saturday, July 23 to Saturday July 30, 2022 from 8.00am to 8.00pm daily.

The theme of the 8-DAY Exhibition Fair is “PROMOTING TRADE, TOURISM AND
INVESTMENTS IN THE CENTRAL REGION- CHALLENGES, PROSPECTS AND SOLUTIONS”. It will throw light on business opportunities, partnerships, and networking in the Central Region and beyond and create more jobs.

It will bring together exhibitors from the 22 districts in the region and businesses
from all walks of life in various product areas- Jewelry, Office Equipment, IT Systems, Clothing, Agric produce, Arts & Crafts, etc.

There will also be a 2-day BUSINESS FORUM, under the auspices of the Ghana Investment Promotion Center and which will be a platform to bring together creative ideas, entrepreneurs, investors and corporate bodies to find
opportunities and solutions for their mutual benefits.

Dignitaries to be invited to the fair will include His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa
Akuffo Addo, President of the Republic of Ghana, Ministers of State, Members of
Parliament, Members of the Council of State, Members of the Diplomatic Corps,
the Business Community, Chiefs and Queen-mothers, Local and International Media like BBC, Reuters, CNN etc. Students and the general public. There will also be opportunities for families and friends to bring their children
together to learn and have fun at the playgrounds.

The general public is therefore assured of a very successful CENTRAL REGION TRADE, TOURISM AND INVESTMENT FAIR dubbed CENTRAL EXPO 2022.
For more information, please contact the following numbers-0208157525,
0208159260, 0243428563, 0209948159



The vision behind Central Region Trade, Tourism and Investment Fair is to create visibility for Central Region in Ghana in areas of Trade, Tourism and Investments for possible business promotions, partnerships and networking throughout the world.

It will also afford business linkages, exposures, opportunities, employment and of course revenue generation through sales and marketing and business growth in the region.

The dates July 23 – 30, 2022 were chosen to coincide with the “Beyond The Return” by Ghana Tourism Authority and Panafest and Emancipation Celebrations by Panafest Secretariat.

Central Region is noted for its tourist attractions and therefore it is always appropriate to maximize its potentials in trade and investments.

Through tourism, Panafest and Emancipation Day celebrations have been established since 1998 when Central Region Coordinating Council (CRCC), Panafest Secretariat and Tourism Ministry organized the first Panafest celebrations in Ghana, and later the Emancipation Day Proclamation was instituted and added on in 1st August of every year.

Central Region therefore has a lot of businesses which need to be marketed and exposed to the whole world so that it creates jobs for all in the region, puts money in people’s pockets, and helps reduce unemployment for the masses. That is why these fairs and exhibitions are very important.

In 1998, during the EXPO ’98, which was organized in collaboration with CEDECOM, so many new set-ups in various districts praised the opportunities they received to have their small scale enterprises exposed and advertised to the rest of the nation and beyond.

The mandate of Central Regional Development Commission (CEDECOM) when it was set up is to be the Leading Regional Development Partner, Enterprise Development and Investments in Tourism and Agriculture.

In this fair CENTRAL EXPO 2022, the Districts are being asked to invite exhibitors to the regional fair in July through publicity, using Information service vans or local information centers and radio stations to whip up enthusiasm.

Selected exhibitors from the Districts will then be part of the regional fair which takes place from July 23 – 30, 2022.

To help the districts and the general public, the profile of the fair, its vision and objectives, the structure and sizes of the booths, cost of exhibition booths, security at the fair, program of activities, benefits of the fair and contact information to potential exhibitors will be available in the form of a brochure to all the districts for them to educate and create excitement and involvement among its citizens to find a way of participating in the regional fair.

For our potential partners and sponsors, it is assured that they will receive all the benefits that will be due them. Categories and Benefit Packages will be put together for them to help provide additional funding and support to sustain the exhibition and its activities.

Periodic press releases pertaining to the fair will be available to the media to disseminate any latest information to the general public.

In addition, there will be a 2-day TRADE, TOURISM AND INVESTMENT BUSINESS FORUM which will be organized in collaboration with CEDECOM, PANAFEST SECRETARIAT, GHANA TOURISM AUTHORITY, GHANA INVESTMENT PROMOTION CENTER, CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY, and UNIVERSITY OF CAPE COAST to explore and make available all the tourism and business potentials in the region to prospective investors and business people at the event.

It will be addressed by the Central Regional Minister. Other Dignitaries are Minister of Tourism, Chief Executive of Ghana Tourism Authority, Ghana Investment Promotion Centre, Ghana Export Promotion Authority, Chamber of Commerce, Development Partners etc.

Billboards, banners and directional signs will be mounted to direct traffic to the EVENT GROUNDS-ADISADEL COLLEGE PARK- from Kasoa, Yamoransa Junction and from Takoradi. Google maps will also direct all to the EVENT grounds from anywhere in the world.

Other activities planned for the event, includes a forum for businesses and investors, exhibitor competitions, entertainment, cooking and dancing competitions, especially with masqueraders etc., raffle draws, and mystery shoppers to identify potential winners of an AWARDS scheme for exhibitors, sponsors, hardworking committee members and other personalities at the end of the fair. etc.

For parents, there will be opportunities to bring their families and children to enjoy themselves in a playground built for them and inviting  local artistes to interact with them.

For additional information CONTACT CENTRAL EXPO 2022 CONSULTANT- KOFI YANKAH- 233209948159/233243428563.                                     












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The Assin North District Assembly is in the northern part of Central Region with the District Capital at Assin Bereku. It was established by Legislative Instrument (2338) of 2017; and was carved out of the defunct Assin North Municipal Assembly in 2017 and was inaugurated on 15th March, 2018.

It shares common boundaries with Twifo Atti-Morkwa District to the West, Assin Fosu Municipal to the South and North-West, Adansi South District to the North and to the East by Birim South District.

The total population according to the 2021 census is 80,539 representing 8.3 percent of the region’s total population. Male constitute 49.7 percent and females represent 50.3 percent and about 63.1percent of the population resides in rural localities. This heterogeneous population has different tribes including Fantes, Akwapems, the Ewes, the Gas and the Krobos. Twi speaking people are the largest ethnic group in the district

It covers a total land size of about 1, and comprises about 500 settlements including Assin Bereku, Akonfudi, Endwa, Kushea, Praso, Asempaneye, Dansame and others.

The vegetation is semi-deciduous forest mainly characterized by tall trees with evergreen undergrowth and contains valuable economic trees like Odum, Wawa, Sapele, Obeche, Onyina, Emire and others. It lies within the wet-semi equatorial climatic zone which receives rainfall between 1238mm and 1660mm. This is characterized by a bi-modal rainy season which supports all year-round plant growth of variety of crops such as rice, cocoa, oil palm, cassava, vegetables, citrus and pineapple.

Traditionally, the District is under three Paramountcies namely: Apimanim, Atandasu and Owirenkyiman Traditional Councils in the Assin State.

The local economy is made up of Agriculture, Industry/Manufacturing and Commerce/Services. About 56.9% of the economically active population are employed in agricultural activities, and forestry, 13.5% are employed in the service sector whiles the remaining 13.0% are employed in the manufacturing sectors.

It has potential tourist attraction sites and the major attraction site is the ‘Praso Slave Trade Transit Grounds’ and the Spiritual cave and waterfall at Endwa.

The Education sector has six (6) circuits with seventy-eight (78) public basic schools and three senior high schools.

The Assin North District Health Directorate has a total of 27 health facilities rendering service to over 102 communities. The district currently has no district hospital hence no medical doctor available in the district except 7 Physician Assistants serving the entire population.

All the Area Council capital towns namely Akonfudi, Praso, Bereku, Odumase and Badiadua have market but are very small in nature with no lorry stations attached which operates basically twice every week.

The district has no Post Office however, there are telecommunication network facilities such as MTN, Airtel, Vodafone and Tigo providing communication and mobile money transfer services. Internet service is also available.

The major towns in the district have small town water supply system that provides the towns with portable drinking water. The rural areas get their source of water largely from boreholes and hand dug wells.

A number of financial institutions such as banks and micro-finance companies operate within the district. Notable among them is the Akoti Rural Bank located in the District capital.

The District is blessed with mineral deposits such as gold, diamond, clay minerals among others. We are looking forward for credible investors of the Extractive Industries to come into the district for business.

Naturally, the District is generally a peaceful and calm environment with peace loving and hardworking people.