Your visit to Ghana wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Central Region which is known to be the heart beat of Ghana’s tourism. From the coastal plains in the south to the rolling forested hills of the north, the Central Region is a visual feast for the tourist. More than just physical beauty, the region provides an intimate view of the Ghanaian culture.

It is within the Central Region that you will discover the true lifestyle of the Ghanaian
people embedded in the bustling fishing communities, historic forts and castles, ‘posuban’ shrines, vibrant markets and colourful festivals. Approximately two hours drive west of Accra, Cape Coast, the capital of the Central Region is well prepared for your visit with classified accommodation and catering units, established tour operators, efficient transportation and a whole host of activities for you to enjoy.

The Central Region was historically part of the Western Region until 1970 when it was carved out just before the 1970 Population Census. It occupies an area of 9,826 square kilometers or 4.1 per cent of Ghana’s land area, making it the third smallest in area after Greater Accra and Upper East Regions. The region was the first to make contact with the Europeans. 

Its capital, Cape Coast, was also the capital of the Gold Coast until 1877, when the capital was moved to Accra.


Cape Coast Castle, Cape Coast

Elmina Castle, Elmina

Fort Saint Jago, Elmina

Fort Williams, Cape Coast

Fort Victoria, Cape Coast

Fort Vredenburgh (English Fort), Komenda

Fort Coenraadsburg, Elmina

Fort Amsterdam, Abandze

Fort Lisdzaamhied (Patience), Apam

Fort Good Hope, Senya Bereku

Brenu Beach, Brenu Akyinim

Kakum National Park, Abrafo

Assin Manso Slave River, Assin Manso

Muni-Pomadze Site, Winneba

International Stingless Bee Centre, Abrafo

White Sands Spa and Beach Resort, Gomoa Fetteh

Hans Cottage Botel, Cape Coast

Ostrich Farm, Efutu-Mampong

The Fishermen’s Market, Elmina

The 19th Century Dutch Cemetery, Elmina

Posuban Shrine, Mankessim

Ceramic Pottery, Winneba

Gold Coast Millitary Cemetary, Cape Coast

Eguafo-Dumpow Eco-Heritage Site, Eguafo