The 2023 Regional May Day celebration has been held at the Victoria Park in Saltpond, Central Region with the theme” Protecting income and pensions in era of economic crisis; our responsibility”.

The Regional Minister, Honourable Mrs. Justina Marigold Assan, in her address, during the celebration said that May Day was an International Day of solidarity with workers all over the world.

She further said that it was a day set aside to commemorate the agitation, contributions and upwards made by organized labour for better performance and achievement of workers and appropriately reward deserving workers.

Mrs. Assan, however, assured that Government shared the plight of the hard workers who had to endure the current economic changes facing this jubilation.

She therefore appealed to Organized labour to use dialogue to demand conditions of service for the betterment of workers.

Mrs. Assan assured workers that the Government as a major player would do well to keep fit with all the working people of Ghana by providing their needs, general welfare so that workers can reciprocate by effectively delivering on what is expected of them.

The Regional Secretary of the Trade Union Congress (TUC ), Cynthia Ananoo, said workers on single spine salary structure receives the lowest salary in the public sector even though they provide all the essential services to the people of Ghana. This has to change she added.

She urged the Government to complete the review of the single spine salary before the next round of negotiation.

She appealed to Government to convey a National dialogue on the economy so that workers could build consensus on the way out on this crises that would also pave the way to build a more recipient economy.

Awards were presented to some workers for their services.